Monday, 23 January 2017

Winter Wonders ...

 It's that time of the year again when I put up with 43c+ temps and watch the Winter sports ... Alpine skiing, the Super G, the slalom, the ski jump.

I can sit in front of the TV at night and pretend that snow is outside my window and not the bloody heat.

Dave Ryding
I'm not a great one for watching sports but I do love watching the ski jumpers and the Super G. The only other sport I tend to watch is the Tour de France.

My favourite ski jumper is flying again this year - Noriaki Kasai - but he is being outdone by the younger guns. I have to say I love the style of Kamil Stoch, no wonder he's so popular. Last night's win on the Large Hill in Zacopane (Poland) shows he is on the rise.
Marcel Hirscher
Marcel Hirscher

The last two nights of slalom have been exciting to watch. The first night saw so may miss gates, many of the favourites. Then British skier Dave Ryding literally flew down the piste at an unbelievable speed.

He was leading after the first run but was beaten by Marcel Hirscher by 0.76 seconds. Marcel had a blinding run - he was 1.02 seconds behind going into the second run but stormed through to take first place.

Watching it you have you heart in your mouth as they leap out of the box and race down the mountain at breath-taking speeds. The hairpin turns, the close gates, the slick skis storming across the snow. Love it.

But in saying that I absolutely adore watching the skiers take off on the jumps  - to fly through the air for over a hundred metres. 

What must they think when they're sitting at the gate waiting for the green flag?

The way they soar, bodies stiff, almost parallel to the ground. The the landing - will they stay upright? 

Yep sure beats going outside in 43c heat ... lol

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  1. There's something about those snow sports, even in winter. :)